SF International Gift Show 2006: Highlights

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Bedding from SF Design Studio Lunares

The minute we descended into the vast maze of aisles of chazerei we began to wish we were actually just across the street at Moscone West, where the Apple Developer Conference was underway. No doubt Steve Jobs was at that very moment revealing something that would be of keen interest to AT:SF readers.

We allowed ourselves to imagine the new Apple iPad…

Our reverie was interrupted by the approach of a security guard, walkie talkie abuzz with team officiousness. We could tell by the excited glint in her eye that she had just apprehended Enemy #1: a baby stroller. We had to think fast.

There was no choice but to disappear, and no place to disappear to but deep into the underground labyrinth before us. iPad be damned! We dove in to the Gift Show, camera and baby in tow. Eluding the Moscone Security Forces at every turn, we hurriedly picked the wheat from the chaff…and then found our exhale, back out on Howard Street.

(This is a long way of saying: we were on the lam the whole time so we apologize for any photo blurriness. Though not for the stroller.)


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