August is Odd Space Solution Month!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Modern Victorian?

It’s a question that rages in SF every time someone wants to knock something down or put something up. It’s also a question that keeps popping up here on AT:SF. Especially so now that we’ve dedicated this month to blogging odd space dilemmas and solutions.

It goes something like this:

How do I make my modern tastes (and furniture) harmonize with my Victorian walls? These lovely, retro interiors, with their vertical proportions and architectural fuss — they almost seem to mock my bent for all that is streamlined, low-lying and modern! But I can’t go all Goth, not now that I’m finally a grown-up! So please, AT:SF, can you help?

We believe we can. And we believe Modern Victorian can work. We’ve seen it work. And we’ll be featuring ideas, rooms and even (if you dare to share them) whole homes that showcase solutions to this mother of all OSD’s.

So if you’ve made it work, send in a picture. And if you haven’t, by all means, send a question, about this or any other odd space dilemma!