SF Good Questions: How Can Our Family Survive in a Small Apartment?

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AT:SF, My wife and I live in a 550sf shotgun apartment in San Francisco. We love our apartment and neighborhood north of the Panhandle. We’re expecting a baby in 5 months and would love to read tips on how we can keep our small apartment with a baby (and 3 pets) and not go insane in some real close quarters. The bedroom is small (9×11) with a queen bed and some shelves. There’s a small walk-in closet off the bedroom and a very small broom closet/pantry off the kitchen. We also have limited storage in our building’s basement. Thanks!



We hope that some of what you see and read this month will help. Here’s a little advice to start you off:
• Declutter and be ruthless about what you keep
• Check out Maxwell’s former apartment here — he and his family lived in 265 sq. ft. until recently
• We know that many small space dwellers make it work by spending a lot of time away from home
• Take a look at Ohdeedoh for more ideas

Jump in, everyone! Tips for Daniel?

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