SF Good Questions: Bow Haus Alternatives?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

AT:SF, I found this old post on the Bow Haus. I’m in love with it but i was wondering if readers had seen anything more affordable out on the market or had any creative DIY instructions for something similar…

…The maker’s website is down and i’m not sure if they’re discontinuing the line.

My dog is crate trained and he loves his little cave, but his current plastic and metal combo is both ugly and slowly falling apart. I’m looking for a crate decor solution, it needs to have a door that closes to prohibit night time roaming and it needs to be mostly enclosed to make him feel cozy. I had a thought to buy an all- metal crate, paint it a funky hue, and weave something between the bars to enclose it… but i’m worried about durability. Thanks,



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