SF Spring Cure: Week Five

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Week five brings one of our favorite parts of the Cure – the one day media fast. This can be hard to do, but is extremely rewarding – we’re always surprised by how long the day seems when we stay away from the TV and computer.
This week we also tackle our files – something we find ourselves putting off far too often. There is little that is more satisfying, however, than taking stacks of unorganized paper and ending up a few hours later with a lesser amount of paper work that’s all easily accessible. With tax day just around the corner, this is an especially good time of the year to get this done.

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Week Five Assignment (Deep Treatment):
  • Take care of repairs
  • Clean office area and related closets
  • Vacuum, dust, and mop throughout
  • Declutter files
  • Tackle the cord octopus
  • Try a one-day media fast
  • Buy fresh flowers
  • Choose at least one soft or hard thing to add or subtract
  • Cook three meals at home this week
  • Eat at home Sunday through Thursday
  • Go to bed early and read before sleep
  • Optional: look into wireless technology
Week Five Assignment (One-Room Remedy):
  • Order from your shopping list
  • Try paint samples in the room
  • Finalize paint choices

What part of the Cure are you most looking forward to this week?