SF Spring Cure: Graduation

SF Spring Cure: Graduation

May 9, 2008

PuglyFeet's post-cure dining room - see below the jump for the before/after slideshow

Wow! It's over. Congratulations to the graduating class of the SF Spring 2008 Cure. We hope you enjoyed the process as much as we did.

We loved this idea from TRUE BLUE last week:
"I actually suggested when the book first came out that the apartment management buy a book for everyone in the building. Or start giving them away with each new lease or when they raise the rent (yearly). It makes sense from not just a renter's point of view. But from a management point of view too. For people to make good choices when it comes to their apartment . . . It's something for those of us in multiple resident dwellings to consider suggesting to our landlords. Everybody wins."

And it's true, with the Cure everybody does win. We suspect that living in beautiful, organized and healthy homes affects not just the residents but everyone they interact with - when your home is more together your life is more together, and it shows in areas of your life that you think have nothing to do with your house.

click below the jump to see the AT:SF Cure before & after slideshow

Check out the slideshow of some of the fantastic before and after photos from this spring's SF Cure class. If you don't see yourself there don't fret - there were some great "afters" that we just couldn't find "befores" for. You can see all the SF Spring Cure photos in our flickr group, but Curers please feel free to link to photos of your accomplishments in the comment section below.

Any Curers who completed all eight weeks and would like a "diploma" please send an email with your name and address and we'll send one out to you.

Of course, the Cure doesn't end with Week Eight. Below is the list of ongoing maintenance tasks to keep your home Cured all the time:


  • make bed
  • wash dishes
  • put clothes away
  • sort mail
  • clear answering machine
  • clean all kitchen surfaces
  • take out full garbage


  • clear all surfaces (put odds and ends away)
  • wash clothing, take in dry cleaning
  • take out recycling
  • change sheets
  • water plants
  • clean bathroom and kitchen
  • quick-vacuum all floors (especially if you have pets)


  • vacuum, sweep, or mop all floors
  • flip mattresses
  • clear out refrigerator

Every Three Months:

  • wash windows
  • declutter refrigerator, front door, bulletin board, etc

Every Six Months:

  • Spring cleaning (April)
  • Fall cleaning (October)


  • Make one capital improvement to one room (painting, new furniture, rearrangement).

Every Five Years

  • repaint main rooms

Every Ten Years

  • Make major capital improvement (i.e. kitchen or bathroom makeover, furniture replacement, wall or floor repair.)

Those of you who didn't finish (or didn't start!) this Cure, don't worry - we'll be back this October with the Fall Cure. Need an extra little push to finish on your own? Check out the before & after slideshow for some great inspiration.

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