SF Spring Cure: Week Two

SF Spring Cure: Week Two

Mar 17, 2008

Week Two already! Week One just seemed to fly by, but we got everything done and see from your comments and our flickr group that most of you did too. So let's take a moment to pause and congratulate ourselves for getting off to a good start.

This week we start to get into some of the hard stuff, but hopefully Week One has you energized enough to tackle it. Remember to not let yourself get overwhelmed - "one thing at a time" is our mantra, if you're feeling like it's too much, just pick one thing off the assignment list and tackle it. We often find that one thing is easier than we thought, which then gives us energy to do a second task, etc.

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The assignments for this week may look daunting, especially for the whole-house deep treatment cure. That list is long, right? It's really not that bad though; just break it down step by step and accomplish one thing at a time. We know that our biggest challenge is going to be cleaning our kitchen from top to bottom. While we keep the surfaces clean on a daily basis, our cabinets are in desperate need of some cleaning and reorganization.

Week Two Assignment (Deep Treatment):

  • Fix one thing in your apartment yourself
  • Clean your kitchen from top to bottom and throw away old food
  • Buy a water filter and use it
  • Run your hands over every wall in your apartment
  • Clear space for an outbox
  • Clear one surface and use the outbox
  • Determine your style
  • Find a new recipe and cook one meal at home
  • Choose the date for your housewarming

Week Two Assignment (One Room Remedy):

  • Decide on the activities you want in your room and where they will go
  • Buy, borrow, or make a floor plan tool
  • Map out the room that bothers you most and work out your solution
  • Name your vision
  • Build a shopping list

We started our outbox last week, and actually put not one thing, but a whole box of stuff out on the curb this weekend. We generally find that once we commit to getting rid of one thing it's easier to get rid of more - clutter-free is a great way to live.

What are you particularly proud of accomplishing last week? Any particular challenges popping up this coming week?

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