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Shade Sails

published Jun 19, 2007
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Want some outdoor shade? Say you’ve got a bit of outdoor space, and you can’t build an arbor or install a big roll-out awning. Say you rent. Whether you are heading up to the roof or out to the backyard, we have found that Shade Sails are awesome for creating a lot of shade on a lower budget.

Originally developed in Australia, where canopies were made of sail cloth, these new versions are made of a synthetic knit fabric that blocks 90% of the sun’s harmful rays, are super light and impervious to moisture and mold.

We bought two a few summers back and rigged them up with four by four posts. They come in a few neutral colors and a bunch of different shapes that are finished off at the corners with heavy duty metal rings that make it easy to attach them to a wall or frame. You can even tie one end down to the ground if you want.

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There are three places to get them that we know of, and prices start at @ $130 for a 12-foot triangle. The only problem is getting delivery. These small companies can be real slow….

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