Shane's DIY Standing Desk Project

Shane's DIY Standing Desk Project

Gregory Han
Mar 30, 2010

Unplggd reader Shane saw our recent post about standing workstations and was kind enough to share his own smart looking setup he put together on the cheap after realizing a DIY solution wasn't hard to put together himself.

Shane of shares his experience about his stand up setup:

I hadn't seen anything of the right height in their online catalogue but was fortunate to find some high tables in the kitchen section. These 'Utby' tables (I chose the 105cm height) were almost perfect. They look nice, have a good base height and a good 300mm adjustment so I can dial it in just right. I was amazed, all for just a touch over $200aud. I picked an alternate, untreated pine table top and got the smaller width of the two for the time being. I don't have much space particularly with a 30" monitor but I can unscrew it later and replace it with a bigger one when I move office.

I'm about 5 hours into using the setup and it's going really well. I will have to experiment with the right wrist height and monitor angle but that's an easy adjustment. My legs are fine for the moment but my heels are certainly feeling the extra pressure. It's promoting stretching every so often just to keep loose because I don't have a stool to rest on yet. I wonder if I could pull it off without one?

I expect my body to adjust after 2-3 weeks and I look forward to seeing the differences in work and lifestyle. Here's a few shots starting from old setup to new!

After using this for a few months now, the pain is a lot better, but I haven't had it totally leave. My heels hurt a fair bit by the end of the day but my hamstrings have stopped stinging which is nice.

Editor: We're wondering if Shane would do well with adding a gel floor pad, like those used by chefs and cooks in the kitchen.

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