Shared Space: Anna's Baby Nook

Shared Space: Anna's Baby Nook

Carrie McBride
Apr 24, 2009

As Anna awaits the arrival of her second child, a son, her nesting instinct has kicked in and she made this super sweet baby nook for him in her bedroom which he'll share with her and her husband for at least a few months. We love the springy green she painted the crib and the willow branches to hang artwork adds a lovely and unexpected touch. Many parents, either out of convenience or necessity, share a bedroom with their newborn which can be challenging. Read about Anna's experience sharing a bedroom with her first child and her advice for others after the jump.

Anna: We had our daughter in our room for the first six months after she was born. We didn't really have a choice about it, since we then were living in a one-bedroom, but I now realize that it would been awful not to have her right there next to our bed. I breastfed (and plan to again), so I'm not sure if people who are going to bottle feed will have a different experience, but newborns want to nurse every 2 hours or so, and each session lasts 30-45 minutes. If Lara hadn't been right under my arm, as it were (we had her crib rolled right up to my side of the bed), I would have gone insane from having to actually get up and out of bed that often every night with so little sleep. She definitely disrupted my sleep because she was a pretty loud sleeper in the beginning, which combined poorly with the evolutionarily-developed hypersensitivity moms have to the sounds their babies make, but it would have been even worse if she were farther away. Eventually, we moved the crib to a wall in our in bedroom, and my husband and I would literally have fights about whose turn it was to get up and walk the three steps to the crib. [We still have those, Anna!]

So... yeah... advice? Keep the baby nearby until he/she starts to sleep predictably through the night. When Lara was six months she started sleeping a good 7 hour chunk in the middle of the night, and we moved to a two-bedroom and put her into her own room, and it's been working out well ever since. At that point it seemed as if we were indeed disrupting her sleep, and sleeping in her own room made her sleep better. Now I'm hoping we'll be able to do a repeat of the same sort of deal with her brother, eventually transferring him into her room. Obviously it's hard to predict what will happen, but that's what I'm anticipating!

Sounds like a plan! Readers, feel free to add your advice or share your experience about sharing a bedroom with a newborn below.

You can read more about Anna's nook for the baby (and find a tutorial on how to make no-sew fabric-covered boxes like those pictured, top) on her blog, Forty Two Roads. As our faithful readers know, we are nuts for DIY play kitchens - Anna's been on this bandwagon for a long time. Check out her shop where she sells plans to make your own cardboard kitchen, washer and dryer and where she creates custom artwork.

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