Common Online Habits That Also Happen To Be Illegal

Common Online Habits That Also Happen To Be Illegal

Elizabeth Giorgi
Aug 26, 2013

I have a strict, "No, I'm not sharing my Netflix password" rule. People have frequently called me a prude for this policy, but the truth is I've always suspected it was a terrible idea, like letting someone use a rental car that was under my name. And now my suspicions about avoiding this common habit have been verified...

Sharing Netflix, HBO Go, or other streaming service logins is just one common Wild Wild West type of law breaking internet users around the globe partake in without a thought or care. Here are a few other surprising ways I've broken the law online:

Using Ad Blockers
Using pop-up blockers is sort of like bypassing pay walls. The ads are how the content is paid for, so by not viewing it, the user is not "paying" with their time so to speak. This form of theft isn't always clearly direct for adblock users, and it's something nearly everyone has done at some point. But you may want to review how adblocking may not be entirely legal.

Creating Memes and Gifs
It's all fun and games until a Copyright Infringement notice lands in your inbox. Duplication or unauthorized use is just that. However, original artwork or parody of the copyrighted materials is not an infringement. In other words, keep up the funny fan art and animated gifs, Tumblr.

Checking Work Email on a Travel Visa
If an employee of an American company is getting paid while they are vacationing in another country, whether simply checking emails or drafting a document, said employee should technically be traveling on a work visa according to the State Department. Think of this law as a handy way to be totally unavailable while overseas. 

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