Shark Turbo Handvac: Not a Bad Little Sucker

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Having read about the Shark vacuum on the New York site the other day, we were intrigued.
While walking the isles of Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday (the one on Olympic) we came across the small Turbo Handvac on sale for $15.00, so we grabbed one. The 700 watt Euro Pro X is a plug in, so right way it limits where it can go. But we have to say that it has some pretty strong suction, and while we didn’t have time to dump coffee grounds all over the sisal to do a proper test, it seemed to do quite well with the dust and the crumbs (not that we have a lot of dust or crumbs, mind you).

This is not a full time vacuum, just a great little machine for those quick spills and clean-ups. Most importantly, it’s super cute in a good, glossy racecar red. We are not the type to buy random electronics to just sit in the closet, but for $15.00, you almost can’t go wrong.