You Could Get Paid $1,000 for Watching Every Minute Of Shark Week

published Jul 17, 2020
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reef sharks in australia
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You’re gonna need a bigger boat bag of chips.

With the return of Shark Week on Discovery Channel next month, USDirect is offering $1,000 to a lucky viewer (that could be you!) who will watch every second of the entire lineup. So, basically, you will get paid for something you would otherwise do for free.

Aside from the cash, the DIRECTV dealer is also offering other goodies, saying in a press release: “We’ll set up the lucky winner with free access to Shark Week content, so many snacks (shark gummies, anyone?), and epic shark swag. Once the chosen fan surfaces after a week-long chum fest and finishes specific, shark-themed tasks, we’ll pay out $1,000 in cash.”

The job will also include some other responsibilities, like tweeting and sharing your favorite shark fact of the day, along with the hashtag #SharkWeekDreamJawb. You’ll also need to rank the shows with the following criteria: most entertaining, most informative, most surprising, and most fearsome.

To join, you have to be at least 18 years old, a US resident, and have to be willing to swim with a great white shark. Ok, maybe not that last part. You can send your application here, which will be accepted now through July 27. The job begins August 9.

“We don’t care if you watch Shark Week in bed, in-between meetings, or at the dinner table (though your family may feel differently): as long as you watch every second of Shark Week 2020, $1,000 is all yours,” the company added.