The Old-Fashioned Shave on Display

The look of traditional shaving accessories have a vintage cool that always stands out. As visually appealing as they are useful, here’s a look at a few tools on display:

1 Vintage shaving items in the bathroom of Mamie Jane’s.
2 A DIY custom rack in a glass-front medicine cabinet for storing and displaying razors, via Shave Den.
3 A DIY rack for holding a razor and brush, via Instructables.
4 A display shelf in a bathroom showing off brushes and mugs, via Colorado Creative Director.
5 An antique shaving bowl installed on a table, Miki Duisterhof via Design, Decor

6 A shaving brush collection via Snuffhouse.
7 Merku FUTUR 4-Piece Set from MiN New York.
8 A shelf-full of brushes at The Old’e English Shaving Shop
9 Baxter of California storefront in Los Angeles, via Freshness.
10 A vintage wood shaving mirror with drawer for storing all of the appurtenances, via One of a Kind Antiques

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