Shed Some Light: Repurposed Water Bottle Bulbs

Shed Some Light: Repurposed Water Bottle Bulbs

We posted about this a couple weeks ago, but we thought we'd give you a little more info about it: Plato's quote "Necessity is the mother of invention" often comes to mind as I stumble across link and after link of ingenious design ideas online. This one from an eco-entrepreneur in the Philippines transforms the ubiquitous plastic water bottle into a sustainable light source for those who might otherwise be left in the dark.

Through government assistance and the help of volunteer agencies, thousands of residents in Manila and the surrounding region have had their homes fitted with these electricity-free "bulbs."

How It Works:

Small hole are snipped out of the tin roofs of the small dwelling in need. Inserted into these holes are plastic bottles which have been filled with water and a small amount of bleach (to prevent growth of algae). To keep those bottles in place, another tin square is affixed to this new "bulb" acting also as a kind of flashing to prevent rain water from seeping through. Since the light refracts as it hits the water this method illuminates windowless rooms with far greater success than just plain cut-outs. And while it is true that the bulbs only function in the daytime, the 55 watts generated are a helpful additional any light-deprived area. The life cycle of this bulb is 5 years, after which the fitting can easily be replaced with another bottle.

• In case you missed it the first time, watch a video of the process here.

(Images: 1 MaryAnne Petrella; 2-4 Alert Net)

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