Shelter Furniture: High-End Basics

shelter 019.jpgShelter is a store made for pretty, rich actresses (and actors) who need inconspicuous consumption (People who can afford the pricey and “legit” versions of the things the rest of us head to Target for).

ap new piocs 020.jpgLike What? Things like bright lacquered accessories, bent wood veneer trays, and cool throw pillows and bedding.

Shelter has some great furniture. We always covet these plywood chairs, although at $500 apiece, we are sated by simply seeing them each time we come into the store. Besides, they are everywhere.

What’s not everywhere is this funky, one-of-a-kind driftwood lamp ($1,590) which we thought was both fabulous and insane- two words that sort of sum up Shelter.

Citysearch says,”Cool, contemporary decor and accessories loosely inspired by the fab ’50s.”

shelter tree lamp.JPG
shelter 2 .JPG