Shelter Magazine Madness

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Power vacuum. Cottage Living is out. Billed as a magazine for “relaxed living” with guiding muses such as “comfort,” “simplicity,” “style,” Cottage living is too relaxed for us. Crossed between Good Housekeeping and Martha Stewart Living, Cottage aims to teach you how to perform successful makeovers and add style where it is lacking….but it is lacking all over the magazine.

Perhaps we are not the right audience? Cottage is aimed at those living in houses (read suburbs) and may not be meant for snotty New Yorkers. Fine, but if they want “simple” and “style,” they could at least clean up their busy graphic design and hot red lipstick font colors, and evoke the modesty and impact of the cottages they are after.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Next up is Breathe Magazine (we missed the launch party last week), which promises to “understand your desire to go deeper, to find balance and meaning while living in this material world.” We shall see. It has more of a young, hip Vanity Fair spin, with a young, hip famous person on each cover. Bring it on.

…And then Domino next year. Conde Nast is launching their newest member of the Lucky, Cargo family in 2005, which promises to just tell us how to shop, shop, shop. Forget living. MGR

Martha Page Count (how badly is Martha shrinking):

Martha Stewart Living
Cottage Living
Real Simple
Elle Decor
InStyle (for comparison)