The Frequently Sold-Out Weighted Blanket I’m Obsessed With Is Now Available at Nordstrom

published Nov 9, 2020
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Credit: Erin Derby

When weighted blankets first popped up a few years ago, I’ll admit I was skeptical. How exactly would a heavy blanket make me calmer and sleepier? I can get behind pretty much any blanket that feels as cozy as a hug though, and quality rest is something that I’m always looking to get more of. I read up on different models, tried a few, and then gave Sheltered Co.’s standard weighted blanket a go after giving up on others. Since then, I pretty much use mine to fall asleep every single night, even during the summer but particularly in the colder months.

So when I saw that Nordstrom was carrying three colorways (taupe, maroon, and charcoal) of Sheltered Co.’s blankets in their holiday pop-in, I had to share the news. Despite the very steep price tag of $465 (the reason for which I’ll get into in a second), these blankets routinely sell out because they work, and they’re beautiful to boot. If someone you love has a weighted blanket on their holiday list or you want to treat yourself to something very luxe, snatch one up—for the first time with free shipping!—before they’re gone. One would make a great group gift for a family member, split among several siblings or adult grandchildren.

I am absolutely willing to try other weighted blankets, and there are somewhat cheaper options on the market, though it’s worth nothing that this type of weighted blanket is pretty much always going to retail for over a hundred dollars (even when mass-produced) simply due to material costs. I keep coming back to Sheltered Co. for a few reasons though, and they all play into its price. This small, female-owned company operates out of Los Angeles, where each blanket is hand-crocheted from deadstock recycled fabric. That means each blanket is sustainable and derives its weight from fabric and fabric alone—no plastic or polyester beads necessary—which is a big plus for me. The knit construction, with literal air pockets, also makes them super breathable compared to other models I’ve tried. They’re still warm though, just not oppressively so for those who run hot.

Credit: Nordstrom

If you’re at all into the look of those big chunky, wool blankets that pop up at all the home stores around this time of year, then you’re going to love the look of these blankets, too. Instead of itchy wool though, Sheltered Co. blankets are made of cotton jersey, so again, they’re just heavy and warm enough to provide enough pressure to get your serotonin and dopamine production going for those sleep inducing, weighted blanket vibes. This is the first weighted blanket I’ve ever been able to leave on all night without waking up because I’m sweating from it. When I’m not sleeping, my blanket is always folded at the foot of my bed, and it’s the perfect finishing touch for my bedroom.

If you want a weighted blanket with this kind of look for less, I’ve got a couple more recommendations for you below. Whatever you can or do choose, I really do think a weighted blanket is the perfect holiday gift. Don’t sleep on ordering any of these though; I’m betting a lot of people are shopping for weighted blankets this year; it’s the next best thing to gifting someone you love—and can’t be with for whatever reason—an IRL hug.

Credit: Target

Casaluna Solid Knit Weighted Blanket

This blush colored beauty from Target’s new in-house wellness brand would be a big hit under the tree. If your gift recipient is not a pink person, you can also choose a neutral tan or light gray colorway. Note that this style, weighing in at about 12 pounds, is several pounds lighter than Sheltered Co. designs.

Buy: Casaluna Solid Knit Weighted Blanket, $139.00 at Target

Credit: Bearaby

Velvet Napper

Want to go even cozier? Bearaby’s eco-velvet weighted napper is back for the winter season, and it’s available in five rich colors and three weights. This one just looks like pure luxury, whether you drape it over your sofa or across your bed.

Buy: Velvet Napper, $269.00 from Bearaby

Credit: Etsy

Handmade Weighted Blanket

Etsy has a few sellers that make similar style weighted blankets, too. When this vendor is fully stocked, you can choose from four different weights and two different colors to find the ideal blanket for you or a family member/friend.

Buy: Handmade Weighted Blanket, $159.53 from Etsy