Shelterquake: Country Home Folds & ReadyMade Moves to Iowa!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ouch! First O! at Home, then Cottage Living, and now Country Home bites the dust. By the end of 2009, who will be left?

Citing “market pressures,” Meredith says they’re closing Country Home with the March issue after a run of 22 years since being spun off as occasional publication from Better Homes & Gardens in 1986. But worse than that, they’re cost saving by moving the ReadyMade staff from San Francisco to Des Moines….

Not only ReadyMade, but the staff, based in Manhattan, is being moved to Des Moines. Maybe it would be fun to hide out in Des Moines for a few years while the coasts get gutted, but it’s hard to believe that ReadyMade, which grew up on Bay Area inspiration won’t shrivel up and die out there.*

Listen to the bloodletting:

“For the quarter ended Sept. 30, Meredith reported a 44 percent drop in net income from the year earlier, to $18.6 million, on revenue of $370.4 million. Since the start of 2008, the company’s stock price has fallen by two-thirds.” NYTimes

(*NOTE: If there seems to be an undue amount of coastal bias in the above, our apologies. It wasn’t meant that way. While admittedly written in an off-the-cuff, pay-attention-to-me style, it was meant to highlight the cultural shift between San Francisco and Des Moines, particularly because ReadyMade is, in our minds, so closely associated with Bay Area style. In the same fashion, we’d be surprised if Amy Butler moved to Manhattan or The New Yorker moved to Chicago.)