This Ship-Inspired Tiny House Is Also an RV With an Interior You Need to See

published May 27, 2018
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Have you ever gone cross country in an RV? If you have, you know that it is unforgettable experience. Sometimes in a great way, sometimes in a “I was car sick for 5 hours” kind of way. It all depends on the journey!

If you’ve never been interested in climbing inside of an RV. Have you ever wanted to live in a tiny house? Did you realize they’re kind of the same thing? Well, not all tiny homes come with wheels, but they do come with the same limited amount of space that RVs do. The living room and bedroom typically are combined into one area. Or, in a fancier RV and a fancier tiny home, there is loft space for the bed!

One tiny home has combined the love of RVs and tiny homes into one. Land Ark RV is a minimalist tiny home but it is incredibly unique and beautiful. The interior alone is worth giving up a home that doesn’t move to get on board.

Land Ark RV was founded by Brian and Joni Buzarde. The idea behind their home was pretty simple:

Land Ark has been in the making since 2010 when we began sketching out ideas for mobile houses on Southwest Airlines napkins while en route from Houston to San Diego. Brian was scheduled to graduate from architecture school the next year and we were absolutely sure of three things: (1) we wanted to move some place beautiful, (2) we wanted to build our own home on wheels, so we could move it where life took us, and (3) we would use the experience and lessons learned to launch a product for like-minded people.

The couple has lived in their tiny home since 2012 and it serves as a prototype for future Lark Ark RVs. The tiny home has allowed them to live a flexible lifestyle, where they can pursue jobs all over, in cities like Austin, Texas and Aspen, Colorado. They’ve brought the RV on freeways, country roads, and mountain ranges.

The exterior design of the tiny home was inspired by the front elevation often found in ship design. It was beautifully constructed with sleek black corrugated metal. The interior of the home acts as an opposite to the exterior. It has beautiful natural lighting, that is enhanced by the pinewood panels. The decor and design of the home is minimalist, but it flows well from the downstairs living space and kitchen to a lofted bed.

Would you ever be interested in living in a moving tiny home?

H/T: Inhabitat