This Stacked Shipping Container House Is Stunning

published Nov 17, 2018
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The architects at River & Rain are responsible for this revamped retreat in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At first glance, the home looks like a refreshing, open-air structure with a unique layout, but that’s not the only unusual design aspect: it’s actually a repurposed house made from four shipping containers.

Fittingly named the Escape Den, the breezy abode is comprised of a steel frame and the group of upcycled containers. Of the plethora shipping containers around the world, the Escape Den definitely wins in terms of zen vibes. On the ground floor are the kitchen and dining area; the glass-encased living room occupies the second level, and the two bedrooms are located directly above the kitchen on the topmost level, which was created by joining two containers together. The home also has 1.5 bathrooms.

The home is accentuated by multiple decks, terraces and floor-to-ceiling glass walls that give occupants the feeling of being indoors and outdoors at the same time.

“To create a subtle experience of one’s being and non-being at the same moment, the project adorns emptiness with grace, the designers write about the Escape Den. “Space here is not stagnant.”

If a trip to Dhaka is on your future itinerary, the Escape Den is currently available for rent on Airbnb. According to the listing, the home sleeps five and is located in a gated community. For those who take their serenity seriously enough to drop some substantial cash on a special getaway in this customized bungalow, the going price for one night in the Escape Den is $1,500.

For more photos and a detailed look at the layout, check out River & Rain’s Escape Den video tour.

via: Curbed