Make Your Own Shoe Tying Practice Board

Make Your Own Shoe Tying Practice Board

Beth Callaghan
Nov 7, 2012

When I buy shoes for my young boys, sometimes shoes with laces are not even an option. I don't mean for my taste; literally, there are often no shoes in the store in my kids' sizes that have laces. They're all velcro. Which, to be honest, is fine with me, because it means more self-sufficiency for them and a faster trip out the door. But of course, I want them to learn how to tie shoes.

I'm sure there are plenty of parents out there who are all over the bow-tying learning curve, teaching their kids at a young age how to tie a knot. But for those of us who might need a little inspiration, Caroline at Salsa Pie put together a cute manipulative that makes learning to tie a fun game.

With a cardboard piece and some shoelaces, Caroline developed this board that matches her kids' shoe sizes and laces. Even better, she turned it into an art project for the kids, since they colored and decorated their cardboard shoes however they wanted.

Which beats buying shoes with flashing lights any day.

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(Image: Caroline Urdaneta, Salsa Pie)

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