Shoot Your Shack! Competition: Chris’s Cat Jet Redux

To get out the word about Shoot Your Shack!, we’re rebroadcasting this classic vid and teasing you to send in yours.

Unrelenting in his pursuit of perfection, Dr. Clark ov Saturn communicates with cats and showcases a short film called “The Cat Jet.” This is a bonafide do-it-yourself home tip for those with small apartments and big cats. What have you got? Bring it on. All info on the competition below….

(Submit your 1-2 minute videos to our
Shoot Your Shack! Competition. We’re looking for tips, tricks, and how-tos about life in your apartment, kitchen or abode. Send to weekendtherapy (at) apartmenttherapy (dot) com and you might win our awesome prize.)

Special guests include Chris Jordan of and Socks and Sandals (on music). To All Weekend Therapy Posts

Because we love you and because we LOVE watching your home vids, and because we know it takes some work to submit video, we’re baiting the hook by giving away a fine vlog tool: a brand new Canon Optura Xi Mini DV camcorder.

The Shoot Your Shack! Competition
Dr. Clark ov Saturn is on the lookout for the best home vids that fullfill the Apartment Therapy mission: inspiring people to create beautiful, organized and healthy homes. Interested? Read on…

Each Saturday he’ll post reader’s submissions and invite your comments. Every four months he’ll take stock and award a hot new video camera to the very best one of the bunch. If you are interested in shooting your shack, read on….

• A brand new Canon Optura Xi Mini DV camcorder (est. value $400)

• Each Saturday Clark will feature a new video submission. Readers may comment freely – thumbs up, thumbs down. Every four months we will look back on the entrees (@16) and Clark will award a prize to the submission that is the most instructive, inspiring and entertaining. He will also consider technical aspects such as lighting and editing.

• Shoot, Edit and Submit your 1-2 minute video of your apartment, furniture, lifestyle, abode, domain, kitchen, dwelling, fort, shack, decorating ideas, tips, how-tos, tricks, renovations, etc.

Anywhere in the world. We’re opening this one way up.

Vids should be 320×240 pixels, Quicktime, MPEG-4, or Windows Media. 1-2 minutes. Send him the file or upload it yourself to (get your own free account) and send Clark the link at

All entrees go to Clark at

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