These Puzzles Create Artsy, Surrealist Images

updated Jun 12, 2021
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Credit: Different Puzzles

A combination of textures and genres — coupled with the ordinary combined with the not so ordinary — serve as the basis of Different Puzzles, a puzzle brand that offers products that, um, significantly diverge from the gardenscape puzzles found at your grandparents’ house. With an eccentric selection of 500- and/or 1,000-piece offerings, the puzzle brand’s finished, assembled puzzles yield artsy, surrealist results.

Don’t expect flower fields, still life of fruit, or scenic landscapes here. Instead, there is a massive lobster getting its portrait done, some wildlife putting on a concert in an unorthodox setting, and farm animals mingling during a (literal) cocktail party, among other unconventional but delightful scenes. The 500-piece sets retail at $26 each, while the 1,000-piece sets retail a bit more at $36 each. Check out some of the puzzles below. 

Le Lobster

Credit: Different Puzzles

Description: “Your eyes may be bigger than your stomach, but is that all you can eat?Buy: Le Lobster (1,000 pieces), $36

Concerto Champignon

Credit: Different Puzzles

Description: “If an animal band plays in the forest make sure to record the sound.” Buy: Concerto Champignon (500 pieces), $26

Gravity Gallery

Credit: Different Puzzles

Description: “If all art is but imitation of nature, then everything repeats itself eventually.” Buy: Gravity Gallery (1,000 pieces), $36

Flattering Fishes

Credit: Different Puzzles

Description: “Perspective is all about how hungry you are.Buy: Flattering Fishes (500 pieces), $26

Party Fowls

Credit: Different Puzzles

Description: “Sometimes all a party needs is to get all shook up uh huh uh.Buy: Party Fowls (1,000 pieces), $36

Visit Different Puzzles for more — well, different — puzzles. These aren’t your grandmother’s jigsaw puzzles.