Shopper’s Guide: Round Bedding, Blankets, Sheets & Comforters

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Whenever a post includes a mention of a Round Bed, readers respond with requests for Round Bedding. Here are 5 sources for that hard-to-find fitted sheets, comforters and blankets that will fit your circular bed! & Specialty Bedding
These two sources offer the same selection and pricing under two URLs. Both have a large selection of round bedding in 3 sizes to fit 6′ (72″), 7′ (84″) and 8′ (96″) diameter beds. Options include percale, cotton and satin fabrics with various color options and a small selection of prints. and have a range of thread counts available in their cotton collections and a round satin comforter is also available. Bedding is custom made and available in about 3 weeks.
This source offers round bedding, mattress pads, protective covers, comforters and even round dust ruffles! Sizes available in 6′ (72″), 7′ (84″), 8′ (96″) and 9′ (108″) diameter beds.

Cranium Furniture
Cranium sells the Sercio Custom Round Bed and all of their round bedding is 7′ (84″). Options include satin, cotton and flannel with a range of thread count and both solid and printed styles. Cranium has additional options for comforters, bedspreads and round mattress pads.
A bare bones custom bedding manufacturer making flannel and cotton round bedding. A slim range of thread count and a few colors available.

If you prefer DIY, see eHow | How to Make Round Bedding.