Interactive Catalog Apps: IKEA 2013 & Luxefinds

Interactive Catalog Apps: IKEA 2013 & Luxefinds

Julienne Lin
Aug 9, 2012

One of the best things about smartphones and tablets is that they're great platforms for consuming content. That's why we're always excited when new content-rich releases like the IKEA 2013 catalog become available. The new IKEA catalog and Luxefinds have become our current favorite shopping tools.

Interactive Shopping
IKEA has a new 2013 catalog in both print and digital versions. I flipped through both and appreciate the incorporation of extra digital content inside the print magazine by scanning the page with your phone, but it's easier to access the new content on the web or on a tablet simply by pressing the prompted "extra content available" blue button. Most of the extra content happens to be videos, some of which are better than others. However, it's a good marketing tactic on IKEA's part to make sure people are spending longer amounts of time going through their catalog.

I wasn't as interested in the video content, which was sometimes entertaining but not entirely helpful. My favorite part of the new experience was the products displayed on the bottom of each catalog page layout. It's nice to see the products in a setting, but it was also helpful to see which products are being used to create that scene in case I want to create a similar one at home.

Color Shopping
Some of my favorite Pinterest boards are organized by color. Looking at a collection of different items based on color has always been appealing when you're on the search for a specific color piece to match the rest of your house, or for a pop of color that will brighten up a neutral palette. Luxefinds has launched a mobile app that lets you shop based on color. You can shop using their color wheel, color swatches, or by taking a photo or using an existing photo to find the exact shade you're looking for.

The color wheel is better for a wider range of shades, whereas the color swatches are helpful when you have a color in mind but not necessarily an exact shade. After selecting your color, you push "shop" and the app pulls out all results from the store that contains the color you searched for. This can be anything from iPhone cases to children's clothing. I like the app because it's perfect when you're trying to find a specific color to match certain outfits you may have, or for identifying a good gift in someone's favorite color.

What are your favorite digital shopping tools?

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