Shopping Our Way To Sustainability?

Shopping Our Way To Sustainability?

Stephanie Kinnear
Aug 31, 2007

Can we shop our way to sustainability? Josh Dorfman (aka The Lazy Environmentalist) says yes.

In this snippet from his radio show, Dorfman explains how he thinks consumerism will save the environment.

The title of the podcast grabbed us right off. Obviously, green consumerism is a hot topic right now. And we've blogged about it before.

This topic is particularly interesting to us, because (as you know) we often blog about products here -- things you can buy, that will hopefully make your home a healthier, more environmentally-responsible place to live. And we know (via comments) that more than a few readers sometimes consider green consumerism a frustrating contradiction in terms.

But Dorfman makes some really interesting points, most convincingly when he talks about green innovation as it relates to energy conservation.

There are things that we can buy, he argues, that will seriously reduce our energy consumption, which will in turn reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. (Think solar panels and LG's new steam-cleaning washer and dryer.)

The bit is only 9 minutes long. Take a moment to listen and tell us what you think.

Is what we do with our dollars more powerful than government regulations? Are our purchases more critical to the environment than who we vote for? It's interesting, important stuff.

We're not sure we've completely cemented our opinion on this one. What's yours?

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