Shopping Tip: Floor Samples at CB2 North Ave.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Yesterday, we stopped in at the CB2 at North and Clybourn to pick up some Marta glasses (six coolers and six double old-fashioneds – all for under $30 with tax). While crossing the store, we saw that they had set up a temporary display of the current items that they are selling off as floor samples at a hefty discount…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The prices are great and the condition of the items in this group was very good. A few price examples:

  • Draper sofa was $799, floor sample is 499.
  • Skew dining table was $399, floor sample is 249.
  • Diego barstool was $139, floor sample is 89.
  • Photography floor lamp was $99, floor sample is 59.
  • Visor high dining table was $249, floor sample is 149.
  • Spindle chair was $149, floor sample is 59.
  • Bandit chair was $129, floor sample is 79.

    This sample sale section was temporary, but the salesperson let us know that the items will be available until sold. They are stored in the stock area, so if you are interested, just ask if they are still around. In fact, she told us that they often have a piece or two in the back that are no longer needed as floor samples — just ask if there are any samples available for sale at anytime – they’ll be happy to check and let you know what the current lineup is.

    Photos: Janel Laban

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