Artsicle: Affordable Art for Rent

Artsicle: Affordable Art for Rent

  • Location: Online
  • Specialty: Rented art
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Store History

  • Founded: 2010
  • Founded by: Alexis Tryon and Scott Carleton
  • Headquarters: New York City

In his 2010 book Role Models, John Waters dedicates one chapter to each of his personal role models. For one chapter, he breaks away from that format to address his art collection instead.

He explains the relationship he has to the pieces with a bit of personification, saying that, though he lives alone, these works are like his roommates. That sentiment struck a chord with me. Propped behind a shelf in my home office is a rather large framed photograph. Purchased on a whim years ago, it felt like a timeless piece, and for a while it hung in a prominent position in the living room. But fast forward several years and the piece is gathering dust. Our relationship is over and we are definitely never ever getting back together. But just because the piece no longer has a place in my life does not mean I don't want to continue to have art to enjoy in my home.

All of this is to say: choosing artwork for your home of can be challenging. What you feel like living with on your walls can change according to taste and to mood. While there are some pieces you will likely love for a lifetime, there are other pieces that feel right for a while, but as we change, so too does our feeling about the work. In addition to the emotional aspect of choosing art, there are other hurdles as well. Knowing where to look, deciding what style is for you and agreeing on pieces with those we live with can be a daunting experience.

This was the problem that Alexis Tryon and Scott Carleton aimed to address when they created Artsicle in 2010. Together with their creative director Dan Teran, they built a business model that allows for affordable artwork to be rented by the month with the option of swapping it out or even keeping it forever.

The Artsicle team: Dan Teran, Alex Tryon, and Scott Carleton
A visit to the Artsicle website takes the mystery and commitment out of buying art, allowing it to be a pleasurable activity. The site asks visitors to take a quiz to help discover their personal style in order to present works that will likely be of interest to an individual. From there, simply select a piece (or pieces) you want to try and they will be shipped to your door free of charge. Rent by the month and choose to switch out whenever the mood strikes. Artsicle also offers gift certificates, taking the guesswork out of artwork as a gift.
Collecting art is currently an intimidating, expensive, and a life-long commitment to a particular piece of work. Artsicle makes it accessible, affordable, and fun to get started collecting. All of our artists are hand-selected for their talent and unique style in the ever-changing art scene. Collecting their work allows you to support these talented individuals and own a piece of tomorrow's art history.

(Images: 1. Dan Teran 2. Timothy Beckford via Artsicle)

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