Little Citizens Boutique: Toys, Clothes & Accessories for Everyday Adventures

Little Citizens Boutique: Toys, Clothes & Accessories for Everyday Adventures

Jason Loper
Feb 4, 2013
  • Location: Online
  • Specialty: Modern design clothes, toys and accessories for children
  • Price range: $$
  • Website:

Store History

  • Founded: June 2012
  • Founded by: Alicia Peyrano

If you had asked Alicia Peyrano, owner of Little Citizens Boutique, a few years whether she would ever own a kid's store, she probably would have thought you were crazy. Then, after Alicia became pregnant herself and started searching around for the gear for her new family member, she started falling in love with uniquely designed wares from around the world. Late one night her husband suggest she open her own baby boutique and Little Citizens was born. 

Name/Title: Alicia Peyrano, Owner

When did you open your Little Citizens Boutique? June 2012

What was the inspiration for opening the store? I used to avoid going into kid's shops because baby clothes made me broody. At the time getting pregnant wasn't exactly high up on my priorities list. I worked as a documentary producer and that meant long hours, the ability to drop everything and get on a plane last minute. I knew motherhood would change my life and I wasn't ready for that. I must have been 7 months pregnant before I took my first steps into a Brooklyn baby boutique. I remember it well, the softness of the fibers and the originality of the designs. My mind and heart racing about the possibilities ahead. Having a baby to dress, a room to outfit, the realization that I would have to think about toys, bedding, books! All little markers that guide little individuals through their childhood. It was like a whole new universe unveiling and it was really exciting. It was clear that I wanted my child to be a little citizen of the world. My mom is Venezuelan and my dad is Argentine and it's important to me that they like me can relate to more than one culture. So I started window shopping around the globe really. It became like an addiction - I looked for shops in Boston, LA, New York, Paris, Buenos Aires, Rio. Late one night on my computer, hard smacking at my keys, my husband said to me: why don't you start your own baby business? It was like an epiphany, I imagined bringing all my favorite things under one roof, the leather sneakers from Brazil, the sculpted wooden toys from Copenhagen, the hand made hair clips from Berkeley California ... it started to seem like a good idea. 

Where do you source your product? I look everywhere. I especially like unearthing finds when I am travelling. I find it a really adventurous and relaxing process, sifting through shops, magazines, blogs... I keep notes in my phone. And I reach out to people, I love talking to strangers. Some have never even imagined selling their wares in the children's market. 

What is the current best selling item? It's a tie between the Teepee (photo #2) and the Garden and Mouse Wardrobe (photo #3) and I understand why. Because both make memorable gifts, inspiring inventive play and are sure to become a child's favorite. 

What is YOUR favorite item? I am currently coveting this fabulous game of Memory. Designed by the amazing artist Nathalie Lete, the play pieces are made of wood and packaged in a lovely box, also made of wood. Each picture is painted in Lee's inimitable style, exposing kiddos to different ways of seeing everyday objects. Kind of exactly the opposite of all things primary and hooray for that!

Other than your own, what is your favorite store? Midnight Farm on Martha's Vineyard is one of my favorite stores in the world. I love these kinds of shops where there is a little bit of everything. General stores. They have the coolest ethnic jewelery, punk folk if you will, that stirred serious desire in me on my last visit. You can find funny stuff too, like hot salsa and glass bottles, sumptuous bed spreads and the most gorgeous hand dyed cashmere jumpers I've ever seen. And their cologne collection is a veritable nose safari! It's all presented in a global eclectic sort of way, you can tell it is curated by a really discerning and cultivated eye. Recently I found out it's owned by Carly Simon - it was one of those aha moments. 

For more about Little Citizens Boutique, visit their store page over at Marketplace.

(Images: Little Citizens Boutique)

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