Makers Market: Curating Science, Tech and Art

Makers Market: Curating Science, Tech and Art

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 10, 2010

Store History

If you took Makers Market and put it in a bag with Etsy and shook it really hard — when the contents were emptied you'd have broken beads pictures of sad puppies and a screen printed robot ninja who's ready to throw down again! (Really, put them in a bag and try it, we'll wait). If that description didn't give you a clue, we'll simply say Makers Market is one of the best secrets on the web to find handmade artisan goods that have a more science and tech feel to them, check out some of our favorite finds, right this way...

Makers Market is a collaboration between the creators of MAKE and Boing Boing and serves as an online marketplace that brings together our favorite entrepreneurial makers. They sell products and services directly to DIY enthusiasts... just like yourself. It's like Etsy but without the pot holders (unless they're super cool) and mambsy pambsy stuff. Here's a few of our favorite finds from the store:

Top Row, Left To Right
The Salyut: This clock looks cool and keeps time while doing so. Think of it as the Brad Pitt of the clock world (though we're not really sure what that makes Angelina). $199
Solid Brass and Rosewood Engraved iphone Case: for $165 this case will have you looking slightly steam punked and slightly hardcore enthusiast.
Dock Charger and Sync Station: for $42. Although this hints at an old world style, we enjoy it's simplicity and lack of plastic, well outside of the iPod and iPhone anyway.
Micronickel and Micro Sd Card Combo: for $33. Of course someone hollowed out a nickel and of course a mico sd card fits right inside. Totally James Bond stuff right here!
Double Sided Robot Lightbox: for $25, this brings a hint of nostalgia into your home and you can tell your wife it's "for the kids, but really we know better.

Bottom Row, Left To Right
Electric Window Red Led Light Box Animated Lamp: for $150. Who doesn't need a red glowing box with randomly changing algorithms that make neat patterns and shapes?
Vintage Anatomy Laptop Messenger Bag: for $20. We'll also take this time to note that it's the perfect size for vinyl records! Score!
Fono Limited Edition Giclee: for $249. Retro is the new black right? Right!
LA Poster: for $27. This thing is large, in charge and totally make up of pixels. Awesome.
Lunar Landers: for $15.99. These little paper toys would be perfect to light up your home office while you're studying, gaming or trolling the internet for hot babes.

Do you have any favorite finds? There's so many to choose from, leave us a link in the comments below to the first thing you'll be picking up when your wallet gives you the green light!

Image: Makers Market

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