Gregory Han
Nov 30, 2009

Most of the time when you visit an online retailer site, reviews seem as useful and unbiased as reading a PR release from the manufacturers themselves. That's why we're big fans of, a site dedicated to the most grand of home theater devices, the digital projector. We're avid readers, especially lately, since we've given birth to dreams of upgrading from a 720p to 1080p projector in 2010 and we're trying to figure out which models are the best for under $1000 (a very hot category right now).

Even if you're not in the market to purchase now, what we've always liked about is their informative and unbiased posts about a category of product that has many technical details that can complicate any purchase. It's sort of a digital projectors 101 online class for consumers, and the company's passion for the category is obvious (they're commonly mentioned and recommended by readers over at the AVS Forum).

We often find ourselves on checking out projector news and videos, alongside browsing their selection which is priced competitively. Their blog tackles topics such as "Why Buy a Projector without a Lens?" or "$999 HD1080p compared to High End 1080P Home Theater Projectors" and other informative news, helping newbies become acquainted with important terms such as "lens shift and zoom" or "short throw" before investing in what can be a downward spiral of self-inflicted monetary pain (trust us, once you're in, you're always looking for "just a lil' bit better image").

As noted above, the most lively category in the home theater projector field is within the sub $1000 DLP 1080p models, a notable price drop in technology which has ignited our own interest in upgrading our small space home theater. Here's a great video outlining what you do and do not get in this budget realm of full HD projectors as an example:

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