Steele Canvas Basket Company

Steele Canvas Basket Company

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 23, 2010

Store History

  • Founded: 1921
  • Headquarters: Chelsea, MA

The wonderful folk over at the Steele Canvas Basket Company seem to be the end all when it comes to functional, long lasting and oh-so-pretty baskets for laundry, storage and more. They've been in business since 1921 and for good reason — the superior quality of their products is only rivaled by their amazing customer service. Based out of Massachusetts, they strive to deliver the best product possible. Eight of our favorites are listed below!

Most of the products listed below are also available in the option of Steeletex (plastic), but we still prefer the original canvas for home use. They will be coveted by your friends and each can have multiple uses throughout your home! You can see their full list of products over at Steele Canvas.

Top Row, Left To Right
Elevated Truck: starting at $95.10. These back savers bring the laundry up higher and eliminate the extra strain that laundry sometimes causes.
Bag Caddies: start out around $30 and go up from there depending on your choice of feet, plating and size. There's one for every budget!
Small Carry Basket: These baskets are perfect for toting around laundry, storing children's toys or keeping control over your magazine subscription. Prices start at $50.
Round Carry Basket: starting at $52, this all purpose basket serves the same purpose as the one above, just in a different shape!
Steele Tote Bag: this bag starts at $30 and is a great way to haul home Farmer's Market Finds, store tools and more. It's the one "green" bag that won't ever need to be replaced.

Bottom Row, Left To Right
Removable Style Truck: For those with larger families and therefor larger amounts of laundry, this could be a great addition to your home. Simply roll the "laundry bus" down the hallway and let kids throw in their dirty clothes. Starting at $152.
Round Carry Basket: This style has wheels on the bottom, making it perfect for wheeling around projects you're working on. Keep your knitting inside along with your extra yarn, or even fill it with Legos. It goes where you go! $85.25
Wood Covered Hamper: starting at $180, these lidded hampers are great for keeping kids out and clothes in. We can also see them being used to store blankets or sports equipment in the garage or playroom.

(Images: Steele Canvas Basket Company)

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