Short on Space: Finding Alternative Uses for the Closet

When working with a minimal amount of square feet, it comes down to using every square inch of the space. I am always inspired by the creative alternative solutions for an otherwise typical closet. In some tight quarters, they’ve been transformed into the bedroom, kids’ room or the home office. In my apartment, I have a pretty decent size walk-in closet and I always wondered if I could utilize the space better.

I can get a little claustrophobic in small spaces, so I would have to take off the door on the closet to inhabit the space. Looking at the photo of the bed in the closet, I can only imagine sharing the room with another person. The home office solution would probably work best for me.

Images from Left to Right:

Have you found alternative uses for the closet in your home? I would love to hear some other ways the closet can be utilized.