Should I Tell My Friend That Her Bathtub Is a Health Hazard?

Should I Tell My Friend That Her Bathtub Is a Health Hazard?

Regina Yunghans
Aug 29, 2013

Q: Recently I accepted an invitation to stay with a friend and visit a major US city. After a few hours of traveling, carrying bags and dragging a suitcase onto various forms of public transit in hot sticky August weather, I was looking forward to a nice cool shower before exploring the neighborhood with my friend...

But I was shocked to discover a fair amount of mold in her bathtub. The shower head, the edges of the tub, and the glass door were covered in it, as was the area around the soap dish, the faucet, and a grab bar on the wall. It was disgusting. My showers became a frantic 60 seconds of showering followed by 30 seconds of drying off with a towel.

My friend is neat in her appearance and the rest of the apartment is in good order, but obviously she is blind to the fact that her bathtub is disgusting and a health hazard.

I said nothing about the state of the tub during the visit, as my friend is highly sensitive to criticism. Now that I am home, what do I do?
a) Say nothing because I will never ever set foot in her apartment again?
b) Risk losing the friendship and tell her the truth?

Trust me, you don't want any pictures!

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