Alice, Should I Tell My Neighbor I Have a Crush on Him?

Alice, Should I Tell My Neighbor I Have a Crush on Him?

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Jun 30, 2015
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Dear Alice,

I just moved into a new apartment last month and I recently met my next door neighbor and sparks flew. We've actually chatted quite a bit over the last few weeks and even hung out on our building's roof one night. You can probably already tell that I have a huge crush on him. But getting involved with my neighbor seems like a bad idea since I know I'll be living here for at least 11 more months (and hopefully way longer). What if something goes wrong and I'm stuck awkwardly seeing him in the hallway every day? But at the same time, it also seems dumb to not go for it since I think he's a really great guy. What would you do?



Dear Crushing,

Do it. Love is always a risk, no matter the situation. I fully believe in letting life get messy once in a while. Go slow. Take care to not come on too strong since you are in such close proximity. If it works out and you two do begin to date, try to keep it moving slowly even though it will be really tempting (and easy) to see each other every minute of the day. Try to establish some time and space boundaries for your relationship right at the beginning.

Yes, things could go horribly awry and get awkward but a breakup is always rough. You don't want to be left wondering what you missed. Get messy.



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