Should It Stay or Should It Go: Your Not-So-Favorite Family Heirlooms

Should It Stay or Should It Go: Your Not-So-Favorite Family Heirlooms

Grace Shu
Jan 12, 2009
Fans of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books may recognize this glass platter from the book The First Four Years.
This past week, we've been cleaning out our closets, sorting out clothes and sheets to give to Goodwill. We invited some friends to add to the giveaway pile, and one friend brought a fur coat that was given to her by her mother. "She was a Park Avenue princess back in the 50's," our friend said, "She gave this to me years ago...Quite frankly, I have absolutely no desire to wear it even if we were living in an arctic tundra. But I have no idea what to do with it!" After musing over possible uses for an inherited fur coat, we started discussing how sentimental value often trumps function. While some family heirlooms add personality and quirkiness to a home, there are always exceptions to the rule...

I admit it: some of the clothes and trinkets that I've inherited from my family very rarely see the light of day. However, I can't bring myself to donate it (oh, the guilt!), and I end up with a box of sentimental items deep in my closet with a thick layer of dust on the top. Every year when I clean out my closet, I pull it off the shelf, throw a few mothballs in there, and set it back where it was...all the while thinking about what I could do with the extra closet space if it wasn't there.

Sound familiar? (Hey, it's kind of like this movie!) Weigh in with your opinions in the comments below....

P.S. We ended up donating our friend's fur coat to Coats for Cubs, a program started by the Humane Society that gives the fur coats to wildlife rehabilitators to warm and comfort injured and orphaned wildlife. If you have a fur coat that you'd like to donate, you can either mail it to their headquarters in DC, or drop them off at The Buffalo Exchange and let them know it's for the HSUS.

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