Have You Considered a Vertical Monitor Setup?

Have You Considered a Vertical Monitor Setup?

Elizabeth Giorgi
Nov 5, 2014
(Image credit: Dell)

Vertical monitor setups are not a new idea. We see them all over the world. At the airport. At restaurants. At the train station. And yet, it's not something we encounter that often in our offices at home and at work. However, there are definitely a few reasons more of us should consider it.

Here are five common reasons why you should consider turning at least one of your monitors in a vertical position:

  1. You commonly use your computer (not your tablet or your phone) to read news.
  2. Your job requires you to keep track of social media feeds.
  3. You do a lot of word processing and document creation.
  4. You do most of your online shopping on your computer.
  5. You often find that the left and right side of your monitor space are going unused.

Here's the idea: all these tasks require you to scroll up and down a lot more than is truly necessary. Think about how you use a tablet for example. On a tablet, you choose a vertical orientation when reading long bits of text or considering long web pages. Online shopping is a perfect example. With long lists of options, scrolling is often reduced by simply turning the screen.

Part of this is about overall strain: reduce strain on your eyes from constant refreshes and strain on your wrist from constant movement. But it's also a practicality of modern tech use.

So what do you think? Would you be willing to try this out?

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