When Should You Buy New Tech?

When Should You Buy New Tech?

Range Govindan
Nov 15, 2010

Anyone who is getting ready to buy some new tech will always wonder if the product on which they will be spending their hard-earned cash will be obsolete in a few months. How do you decide when to buy your new tech, so that it lasts longer? Read on to find out more.

The best time to buy new tech is within a few months of its initial release. That gives the manufacturer time to do any recalls, product updates, and other stuff that is needed so that you don't have to worry too much. Even though the urge is strong, you shouldn't really purchase new tech when it is released. There can be quite a few problems that were not apparent during testing.

Waiting about two months after the initial release basically lets the major bugs be worked out. However, there is an adage that you need to remember whenever you get ready to buy tech. You should buy the tech when you need it, because new tech is always around the corner. If you keep waiting for new tech, you'll end up waiting forever.

Let's look at some Apple products. Every year or so, Apple releases a new iPhone. The same will probably be true for the iPad, as the iPad 2 is just around the corner. The Mac rumors sites have already given us some ideas on what it will be like. It will have some cameras and will undoubtedly have a significant amount of memory. If you're in the market for a second laptop or a second computer, then you should check out the MacBook Air. It was just released, and the technology is adequate. The faster flash-based storage makes up for the slower processor. If you're deciding between a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air, then if you can wait for your MacBook Pro purchase you should, as Apple will refresh the MacBook Pros next year. It's uncertain when exactly, but it could be Q1 or Q3 2011.

If you can't wait, then you should just get the latest MacBook Pro, boosted with as much as you can afford. The new MacBook Pros will have cheaper solid state drive technology, kind of like the new MacBook Airs, which will be very appealing since the laptops will be quicker, more responsive, and have the 'instant on' that Apple keeps talking about. Also, the whole MacBook Pro should receive an update next year.

As for cameras, the product life cycles are longer than computers. The tech is updated every few years and within six months of a new camera's release is usually the optimal time to buy one. If you're a smart consumer, then you can pick up older tech for a lot cheaper once newer models are released. They can be bought off Amazon or eBay at significant discounts.

[images via Boing Boing, Zit Seng, Ninja Monkey via CC License]

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