Make It a Habit: Wi-Fi Password Changes

Make It a Habit: Wi-Fi Password Changes

Taryn Williford
Jan 8, 2013

Bored with New Year's Resolutions about losing weight or quitting a bad habit? Here's another option that will better your home network's security: make a resolution to routinely change the password on your home wi-fi network. There are several benefits to be gained from a password routine.

Of course, you've got to start somewhere: if you haven't changed the wi-fi password from the default password, do that right now. The default passwords for many popular routers and internet providers are well-known amongst the kind of nefarious folks that want to gain unsecured access.

But even if you're using a unique password to secure your home network, many experts recommend changing passwords every 30 to 90 days. Although it can be a hassle staying on schedule (use email reminders) and remembering a new string of words and numbers every few months, there are many benefits to be gained with routine password changes.

Changing your password every few months is going to shake off any web squatters — like a cheap neighbor who's in-range. Make sure each of your new passwords is strong — use words, phrases and character combinations that would be very difficult for others to guess.

You'll have more control over who is on your network. Changing the password lets you cut down on how many people and devices have access to your network. Of course, that also means you'll have to update the new password on your personal devices that connect to wi-fi, like your smartphone, tablet and any other network peripherals.

You can use a changed password as a reward for kids who tackle their chores, or anything else you can creatively come up with.

Of course, the "how" of changing your password is going to depend on your wireless network router. A quick Google search of your router's make and model should give you a starting point for getting it done.

Do you routinely change your wi-fi password? How often? Or does a permanent password work best for you? Share your experience in the comments!

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