Surprisingly, Having This in My Shower Has Done Wonders for My Morning Self-Care Routine

published Apr 19, 2022
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Credit: Cathy Pyle

If you asked me what my favorite details were of my house when I first moved in two years ago, I would have told you all about the high ceiling in my dining room, my neighbor’s beautiful cherry blossom tree that sits outside my bedroom window, and the ample kitchen space. As a first-time homebuyer who long rented apartments that I didn’t love for prices I could barely afford, those small details brought me instant joy from the moment I took the keys. Then, to my surprise, I discovered another rewarding detail that I’d completely overlooked until recently: The southeast-facing window in my bathroom shower. It lifts my spirits in a way I never saw coming.

Yes, this is a love letter to my bathroom window, which I admit, is the last thing that I thought would be something I’d cherish. This all started when I realized how much happier I was in the mornings when I took a shower. I was doing things I never did before, like singing and lingering just a few minutes longer, even though I was already running late.

Later on, I figured out what was really going on with me. I’d never had a window in my shower before. In fact, I’d never had any windows in my bathroom before, and sometimes even the overhead lighting situations were less than desirable. My mood was affected by the lack of natural sunlight. Because of the many years I spent getting ready in dim or unevenly-lit bathrooms, I’d never thought of my morning shower as an experience or a place to feel centered, but rather just a means to end that would get the day going.

Having a window in the shower changed everything for me. Working from home full-time has meant I shower a little later, when the sun is already rising, and on sunny days the bathroom becomes filled with light. Now, I look forward to my morning shower. I feel the happiest there, bathing in the sun and making it a moment of quality time with myself.

This 20-minute ritual has become an essential part of my self-care routine, which for me, has always been about carving out time in my life to clear my mind of stressful thoughts and shift my focus to gratitude and positivity. But it hasn’t always been easy for me to make time to be still in the mornings when everything feels rushed and frenzied. I always promise myself I’m going to get up a little earlier the next day, but that doesn’t always happen. But no matter when my day starts, the bathroom is my first stop, and I’ve found a little trick to help get more out of that moment that’s making a big difference.

Now my shower doubles as my morning sanctuary, where I think about what I woke up most thankful for, and focus on manifesting more goodness and peace into my day. (I’ve also been known to occasionally butcher my favorite Beyoncé song there.) I’m continually in search of easy ways to upgrade the experience by adding in more elements I love, without it requiring extra time I may not have. Recently, I started programming refreshing scents — like orange, rosemary, or cucumber — to pour into the room from my smart diffuser, and I’m excited to get in on this viral eucalyptus trend. Plants adore south-facing windows too, so adding a new plant baby in my bathroom is also on my list.

While I know that most people don’t have the luxury of choosing where the windows are placed inside their home, it’s still a great idea to seek out little overlooked moments in your day where there could be room to insert more joy. For me that moment is in the shower.

All of this inspiration and pampering thanks to a sunny window. Who knew?