I'll admit it – my weak spot is taking long showers. I can't figure out how to take a shorter one, except that I do tend to zone out during my morning showers… That's why I think a new device, the ShowerMinder, shows promise to help people like me. Rather than restricting water flow like some other devices, the ShowerMinder intends to change user behavior through traffic light-like LEDs to time your shower and let you know when time is up.

The ShowerMinder concept takes a cue from sequenced colored lighting commands similar to traffic signals. It trains people to conserve water, and reminds the user to do limit their usage while in the shower. It doesn't shut-off or restrict water flow, it merely acts as a reminder to change user behavior. The timer can be set for three, five or eight minutes. The ShowerMinder signals a green light at the beginning of a shower, then, thirty seconds before time is up, the yellow light turns on. After that, the red light comes on and starts blinking… time's up.

The ShowerMinder product is also powered smartly – via two batteries charged by five small photovoltaic cells atop the device.

The reason I won't be getting this right now? The price. The ShowerMinder currently retails for $119 - seems like a bit much for a glorified timer.

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