Shuttle's Handy New Computer: Nettop or Laptop?

Shuttle's Handy New Computer: Nettop or Laptop?

Range Govindan
Mar 19, 2009

Ever wanted to move your computer around in your apartment? It's not always easy. You've got to switch it off, unplug the thing and haul it around. Nettop computers are to desktops what netbooks are to laptops. They are slim, easy to use and perfect to have around the house as an extra computer. We see this as the kitchen computer or something that the kids could play on. The touchscreen also makes it perfect for designers and artists, trying to showcase their creations.

Shuttle have just officially announced their new up and coming Shuttle X50, an all-in-one touchscreen nettop, which will square off against Asus' Eee Top PC. The X50 features a 15.6-inch touchscreen and a dual-core Intel Atom 330 processor, presented in a light and think package, with an interesting look carrying handle that doubles as stand.

It's 1.4" thick and has a widescreen display. Specs aren't bad and it's form factor will be it's biggest selling point. For now, no details have been released about it's exact price, but it's expected to start at about $500. The line between laptops and desktops continues to blur. Some people might wonder why anyone would need something like this, but the same question can be asked about tablet PCs and other special function computers. Nettop computers can be useful in classrooms, offices and other places that need mobile desktops but not laptops. From what I've read, the only difference is that this computer doesn't have any interior batteries, so it can't function unplugged.

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