Siesta Time: A Nap Bar Just Opened in Spain

published Jun 29, 2017
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(Image credit: Hayley Lawrence)

For a country that’s big on the siesta, you might be surprised to learn that Spain’s first nap bar opened just recently. Located in Madrid, Siesta & Go offers beds by the minute or hour, so you can get your midday snooze on.

(Image credit: Siesta & Go)

Inspired by similar concepts popping up around the globe in places like London and Dubai, Siesta & Go hopes that locals and travelers alike will find that a place for a quick nap or quiet work will prove worth paying for. The business offers both shared and private rooms where you can (of course) sleep, or just relax in an armchair and read the paper.

According to the website, a private room for €12-14 an hour (about $14-16) or €240 for 1200 minutes (about $273). A bunk bed costs €8-10 (about $9-11) per hour or €160 for 1200 minutes (about $182). They also offer monthly promotions and bonus time.

(Image credit: Siesta & Go)

Siesta & Go gives each client their own set of sheets and single use blankets, and coffee, newspapers, slippers, and nightshirts (also single use) are also available.

Napping is widely lauded for its health benefits, including reduced anxiety and stress, and an increase in productivity and alertness. Even NASA recommends napping; according to BBC, a study from 1995 concluded that the ideal nap time is actually 26 minutes. Those 26 minutes will leave you feeling 54 percent more alert, and can improve performance by 34 percent.

With a increasingly tired population, napping is becoming more of a business, and a business perk. Last year, startup Sleepbox announced a system of nap pods that can be installed in airports and offices alike.

“Vending machines have made food affordable and accessible,” says CEO Mikhail Krymov. “Sleep is the same as food, in my opinion, so it shouldn’t be that slow for the U.S. to see the value.”

Meanwhile, the next time you’re in Madrid, cue up the Napflix and get your sleep on at Siesta & Go. It’s “one of life’s little pleasures,” as they say.