Signs You're Doing Decorating Right (Even When You Don't Think So)

Signs You're Doing Decorating Right (Even When You Don't Think So)

Jennifer Hunter
Sep 25, 2015

No matter how confident you are about your decorating chops, there will always be times when you doubt your decisions. Especially when you are facing big purchases or more permanent-seeming changes, it's nice to reflect upon how well you've actually done creating a home that you are happy with. Think through the following prompts for an instant boost to your decorating self-esteem...

Walking into your home makes you smile

If entering your house gives you a little lift, then you're doing something right. Keep it up. Want to capitalize on that momentum? Try noticing just what exactly it is that you're responding to. The brightness? The color? The armoire from your Grandma or just the overall relaxing vibe? Pinpointing what gives your the feels can help you get more of that!

You've made a few mistakes (and learned from them)

Making a mistake sucks, but it's not the end of the world, especially if you leverage that mistake into a learning experience. You can make an educated guess about what will work for you, but true trial and error is the only real way to learn your true taste. Getting closer to your sweet spot is a good thing, not a bad one!

But you're still open to trying new things

You took a risk and it blew up in your face, but you haven't let that stop you from trying again in a new direction. You know that each time you try something new, there's a better chance you will stumble upon your perfect set-up.

You feel good (not guilty) after you make a big purchase

You did solid research and carefully checked in with your heart and mind and then pulled the trigger on a big, new thing. Yay! You're doing it right. Spending money on something you love is a-ok. Guilt usually creeps in when we buy something we're not sure about or aren't responsible with the budget so doing the homework before is key.

You can appreciate other decor styles while realizing they're not for you

Everyone drools over beautiful boutique hotels or sparse Scandinavian photos, but you can look at other examples of beautiful spaces and still feel secure in your own choices, even when they're super different. What's more, you can pick out certain inspirational elements of what you love that will work for you and incorporate them or tweak them for your pad.

You still love things you bought several years ago

If you have a track record to successful purchases, then you're well on your way to nailing down, not only your style, but also what exactly works for your lifestyle. Great! That means, you can feel confident that your gut will lead to in the right direction when it's time to buy something new.

You know you'll never be "done" and you're okay with that

You used to think that one day, you'd place the last perfectly-chosen candlestick in place and voila! You'd be done decorating. Now you know that your home will always be something of a work in progress, and that's good! You're always tweaking a layout, treating yourself to a new piece of art you love or just reorganizing your desk so it's easier to find the right cord. You're always changing your needs, and you know how to keep your home right there with you.

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