Simone Biles Has a Swing Set Picnic Table and Here’s Where You Can Get It

published Jan 27, 2021
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Olympic gold-medalist Simone Biles is looking on the bright side of life these days, and with a house as beautiful as hers, it would be hard not to. The famous gymnast has been featuring her new home in the background of her Instagram photos since she purchased it in July, and wow what a backdrop. But something truly unique caught the eye of her Instagram followers in a recent post.

Sorry, but is that…a swing set picnic table? Yes. Yes, it is.

“I love your swing set table! Good eye, girl,” one follower commented on Biles’ Jan. 10 post. Another joked, “Only a gymnast would have a table with swings as chairs. My clumsy azzz would get tangled and end up on the floor.”

It appears that Biles commissioned her swing set picnic table from the Los Angeles-based company SwingTables, a mother-son venture that is bringing even more fun to outdoor dining.

The process of creating your very own swing set table with SwingTables is simple and completely customizable, and you can either buy through the company’s official website or through Etsy.

On Etsy, you can purchase one of the existing SwingTables models, like the below White 4-Seater set up with a cedar top. Or, you can also request a custom order with SwingTables through the vendor’s Etsy shop homepage.