Simple Clean: Clean Up Before You Go To Bed

Simple Clean: Clean Up Before You Go To Bed

Abby Stone
Oct 29, 2008

102808-cleanup.jpgThis week, our Curees are learning about landing strips and discovering how they can make a huge impact on how well your home functions. But as well as being a filter for what comes into your home, they're also a launch pad for taking off in the morning. Start by preparing the night before...

While brushing our teeth, we walk through our home and straighten it up. Magazines are returned to the magazine rack or go into the recycling pile, things we need to take with us in the morning are placed on the landing strip, we check what's in the fridge for breakfast, clear off the dining room table and put any stray dishes in the sink, washing them and setting them out to dry overnight. Sometimes, we think about what we'll wear in the morning (though we don't always put it out), hang up the clothes we wore that day (if we haven't already put them away), give the floor a quick mop, and make sure the pile of shoes by the front door hasn't grown unmanageable. These few minutes, that might otherwise be spent staring at ourselves in the mirror, can make the difference between a chaotic morning and one that's peaceful. Try it tonight. And, if all it makes you do is brush your teeth for a few minutes longer, well, it's worth it.

[image: Megan & Peter's Elysian Dream]

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