Simple & Effective Mac-Based Setup Includes New Air

Simple & Effective Mac-Based Setup Includes New Air

Range Govindan
Oct 28, 2010

This simple and effective setup combines a few elements to make it a place where anyone would like to spend hours. If you want a change of scenery, he can just take the new MacBook Air to the couch or the coffee shop and work from there. There's nothing complicated about this setup, but it works well.

Murks Mac just got himself a new MacBook Air 11 to go with his 21.5" iMac that he has on his desk. His overall setup is pretty simple. It's based upon the IKEA Vika Byske desk.

A simple table lamp and a window provide lighting while he works on his projects. We like the nice contrast between the parquet wood floor, the wood grain of the IKEA Vika Byske table top and the wood of his bookshelves. It's a minimal home office that's got some nice highlights, including a brand new spanking MacBook Air.

About his new 11.6" MacBook Air, Murks Mac mentions that the screen isn't as good as the one found on the current crop of MacBook Pros, but it gets the job done. He says that for most typical uses, the MacBook Air is fine. It's fun to use and it's fast enough thanks to the flash-based hard drive, which is really quick. It boots up in around 12 seconds, but if you plan on doing video editing or a lot of photo editing, then you should consider a MacBook Pro instead.

A few plants, as well as two movie posters, one from Ironman 2 and another from The Dark Knight add a personal touch to the home office. All in all, the good use of space, and the easy setup make this a home office that stand out.

[all photos by Murks Mac]

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