Simple Green Cleaners: Ahead Of Its Time?

Simple Green Cleaners: Ahead Of Its Time?

Trent Johnson
May 17, 2010

My mom used Simple Green for everything (carpet stains, shoes, pets, etc.) and not because it was non-toxic, but because it was effective. Simple Green cleaners have been around since 1981, long before Clorox Green Works and the like, and have a large following. Only recently, however, did we realize that the name referred to its environmentally-sensitive formulation, not merely the color. And how often do you see Simple Green discussed on green blogs?

Not very often, I'd guess, unlike Mrs. Meyers, Method, and 7th Generation, which are discussed quite frequently.

Why is that when Simple Green has been around for 30 years and did $5.7 million in sales in 2004? My personal belief is that because my mother used it, and it's been around for so long, it is hard for me to associate such an old product with what I now view green products to be. There's no green minimalist packaging, no slick modern bottle, and no fancy fragrance names like Lemon Verbena or Lavender. It's just a green liquid in a squirt bottle that does a pretty good job at cleaning stuff.

Revisiting Simple Green, it's a natural product that just works well, from what I remember. Yes, I'm aware of the toxicity concerns but based on the additional testing they've done, it's looking pretty good for them. An environmentally-sensitive non-toxic cleaner and de-greaser that can be used for just about anything, and is biodegradeable. It comes in a concentrate (less packaging waste) that can be easily diluted to meet your individual needs.

So what's your take on Simple Green? Have you heard of it? Used it? Like it?

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