Simple Green: Don't Upgrade

Simple Green: Don't Upgrade

Stephanie Kinnear
Jun 26, 2009

AHhhh!! .... Letting off a little steam.This whole iPhone 3GS thing is driving us a little batty this week. Maybe this is happening to you as well? Or worse (gasp!) you've been caught up in it too — but we're watching as many of our friends with perfectly good cell phones (some with perfectly good iPhones) plop down $99 for the newest version of the iPhone. "It's better. And it's such a steal," they shout. We aren't buying it ... literally.

This whole culture of upgrading for the sake of upgrading has got to go. It's sort of like what we said last week about living with what you've got. We're not talking about living without, or living a life of constant self-denial and unhappiness, we're just talking about conquering that little voice that tells us that we need the new brighter, shinnier thing, when the thing we have is actually still quite bright and shiny in its own right.

Are we making sense? Do you agree? How do you feel about this whole iPhone thing and upgrading in general?

Besides ... we hear that the new iPhone isn't so great — nice, but not a "must have."

(Image: Flickr member jedisthem licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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